Mind Eraser by Joe Brogie free download

Tuesday, January 4, 2011 8:05
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Mind Eraser by Joe Brogie free download

Mind Eraser by Joe Brogie free download

Imagine how much fun you could have with this skill…

Joe Brogie is about to teach you exactly how to perform this in his complete training program, MIND ERASER!

* Extract a thought, word, even someone’s name, form their mind!
* Create Amnesia without a hypnotic induction, trance state, or pre-show work!
* Use NLP to control how people act, think, and feel!
* Cause peoples skin to tingle using Joe’s Secret Touch Technieque!
* Use simple one liners to create shifts in the mental process!
* Bring someone into a full state of hypnotic trance!
* Use Waking Hypnosis to stick people to the floor!
* Become a hypnosis machine in the fastest time possible!
* …and YES, we teach you how to put the thoughts back!
* Plus So Much More!

Mind Eraser by Joe Brogie free download:

http://www.mediafire.com/?j5flno2fgabdayb (torrent)

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